The Pros and Cons of Being Your Own Landscaper

If you’re a homeowner, your lawn is likely a big source of stress for you and your family. If you’re like most people, you likely have no idea what to do with both your front and back lawns.

For those of you beginning the process of sprucing up your lawn, you’re likely mulling over two main choices: work on landscaping yourself or hire an outside company. For those of you still making your choice, you’re in luck! Take a glance at the pros and cons of being your own personal landscaper!


More control. It probably goes without saying that working on your yard yourself allows you more control over your project. You won’t be subject to anybody else’s schedule but yours, and you will be able to upgrade your lawn at your own pace.

Less expensive. This is more of a general statement, so take it with a grain of salt. Landscaping companies tend to be more expensive than if you were to just work on the yard yourself. If you’re looking to save money or only need to work on a small project, it may be better for you to be your own landscaper than to hire an outside company. Before making your final decision, take a look at your finances and see how much you’re able and willing to spend on your landscaping projects.

Avoid disruptions. A large crew working on your home may cause disruptions to your daily schedule. Being unable to access a certain part of your yard may prove to be a big inconvenience to not only you, but your family and even your pets as well. By doing the landscaping yourself, you’re likely to work on small areas of your yard at a time. This will minimize the disruption to your home and your schedule. Plus, you won’t have to feel obligated to stay at your home when the landscapers are there, either.


More room for errors. Let’s face it — landscapers like Ware Landscaping are professionals. Before working on your home, they’ve likely worked on hundreds of houses, so they have the technique down. As your own landscaper, you may make mistakes that cost you a significant amount of money in repair fees — maybe even more than the cost of the original landscaping company.

Slower. Again, landscapers are professionals and their years of experience have taught them how to turn even the worst lawns into the best lawns in the neighborhood in no time at all. When combined with work and family obligations, working on the lawn yourself may take you much more time than if you had just reached out to a landscaping company. For many people, paying the extra money for team to come in is worth it for how quickly they’ll get the lawn of their dreams.
Weather. Working outside may prove to be dangerous for some individuals, especially considering their own unique health conditions. Consider hiring outside work if working in the hot (or cold) may be dangerous for you and your health needs.

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The Dangers of Farming

You likely consider farming to be a pretty safe occupation. It’s a fair assumption, as farmers are not typically associated with other dangerous jobs like lumberjacking, building construction, or deep-sea fishing. However, Old McDonald may not have had as safe of a job as you might expect.

As Hare Wynn describes on their law firm’s website, there are several key dangers unique (and non-unique) to the farming industry. In this article, I will discuss some of these dangers, their injuries, and ways to reduce the risks of injuries!


Farmers are actually required to engage in physically-risky activities often, such as climbing into silos and large storage units. Some of these silos or structures are dangerous in that getting trapped into them is surprisingly easy. Farmers have found themselves standing in pounds upon pounds of feed storage without a clear way out.

This is risky in an obvious sense of being stuck permanently or at least for far too long. But to the point of suffocation, these storage areas rarely have appropriate ventilation and farmers can be trapped without the ability to breathe clean air for hours upon hours. Injuries stemming from situations like these include trauma to the brain and the lungs due to sustained poor breathing.

One solution to this problem is accountability measures in which someone on your farm or property accompanies you to these storage units (or, really, anywhere that poses a risk to you being trapped!) and either stay outside the area to assist if you become trapped or will be able to seek assistance from professionals who can get you out of being trapped.

Machine injuries

Modern-day farming is far different than the picture evoked by some, of a person standing in overalls and hand-tilling soil. Instead, most farmers are managing complex machines and complicated routines, in which heavy machinery toils away at the land while the farmer handles the logistics. However, it is not simple or easy work — the farmers still toil away, just with the complications of handling a large enterprise, not at watering a seed.

Many injuries take place every year from the machinery malfunctioning or a farmer making a mistake. Many heavy machines involved in farming have features that involve rotating, screwing, lifting, clamping, and more. Loss of limbs or severe injuries to the extremities are common injuries incurred with heavy machinery accidents.

The best way to prevent the tragedy of losing your arm or injuring yourself with a heavy farming machine is to always follow the safety protocol as described in the owner’s manual or other safety materials accompanying the machine upon purchase or transfer of ownership. As always, remain attentive when operating the tools and do not operate them when under the influence of mind-altering substances.

Other injuries

Injuries that can also occur including being injured from falling objects or structures and issues with animals (if you also maintain livestock). Not every injury is preventable, but operating with care and caution will help prevent many incidents that could threaten you or your workers’ lives.

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What Makes a Family Law Firm Stand Out

Let’s say you’re preparing for a divorce and you know there are going to be some contentious issues. You and your spouse don’t see eye-to-eye on anything. You don’t know who’s getting the house, who’s getting all the other assets, or who’s getting custody of the kids. You’re worried that you might have to settle for a crummy apartment, a big child support bill, and occasional visitations with your children. You know you need a great family lawyer more than anything. How do you find them?

This is a question thousands of individuals go through every year, and that’s why I’ve decided to share my own system for choosing a lawyer. I call this the 10 Score because it adds up all the most important aspects of a lawyer you can know beforehand and gives you a handy score out of 10 so you know just how they rate before you choose them.

So, without any more delay, this is the 10 Score system:

  • Experience and Success (out of 3)
  • Attention to clients (out of 3)
  • Prestige (out of 2)
  • Location and localness (out of 2)

How do we apply this? To show you, let’s take an example of a perfect 10 law firm in my area, Adams Law Firm. Here’s how I’d score them:

  • Experience and Success: 35 years in family law and personal injury law. That’s a lot. 3/3
  • Attention to clients: The firm guarantees a personal, one-on-one relationship with clients. 3/3
  • Prestige: The law firm has an AV Preeminent rating and numerous awards. 2/2
  • Location and localness: The firm was founded by two brothers from the area who raise their families in the area. If you’re near them, you’re their neighbor. 2/2
  • Score: 10/10

As you can see, just by five minutes on the Adams Law Firm site, you’d have your score and you’d know you’re getting the right kind of lawyer for your divorce. Obviously, not every lawyer or law firm will hit these high numbers. That’s the point. You can score a law firm very quickly and move on when the scores don’t hit the high marks you are looking for.

Now, a word about why I grade in this way. To begin with, experience is perhaps the most important quality your lawyer can bring to your case. If they have had a long career with a lot of success, they’ll know the best way to approach your divorce. That is, unless they don’t make you a priority. That’s why attention to the client is equally as important in my system. If your lawyer has so many cases they barely have time to look at your divorce, you’re not benefiting from their experience, no matter how much they have. Prestige is another way of gauging the quality of the experience of your lawyer. If they have been working hard in all those years, they should have some awards to show for it. Finally, you want a lawyer from your area and you want them to feel connected to you and your divorce, so localness is a good indication of that.

I hope this helps all of you out there who are looking for a quality lawyer before a divorce. And good luck!

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Could Better Sleep Help Those With Memory Loss?

Sleeping is one of the essential parts of our lives, and not getting enough can put you in an awful mood, rendering you completely unproductive. However, getting too much can result in missing important life events or becoming lazy. Everyone knows you need the right amount of sleep; even children know when they need more or less sleep. However, what most people consistently neglect is getting the right kind of rest. 

Personally, I’ve been getting more sleep than usual lately since I have a little more time on my hands. Unfortunately, I’ve been waking up feeling worse than I used to when I wasn’t sleeping enough. I recently got online to try to find out what the issue is. If I’m sleeping as much as I currently am, why on earth am I so tired? Also, do I need to sleep less than the recommended eight hours to feel like myself again?

That’s when I stumbled upon this article talking about sleeping rhythm. It’s basically an experiment where they tested people’s ability to remember specific phrases memorized the night before. All the patients who tried to memorize the phrase were hooked up to machines, and their sleep patterns were monitored. The results were somewhat unsurprising although not well-known by any measure. Those who had more stable sleeping rhythms were able to retain memories overnight much more efficiently than those who had more hectic sleeping rhythms. The results remained the same regardless of age or gender. It was found that the synchronicity of brain waves indicated how well memories were transferred from the short-term into the long-term memory overnight. The synchronicity of brain waves is incredibly fragile, however, and if they’re even a millisecond off of each other memory retention can be hindered.

The most exciting part of the experiment was what it could all mean moving forward. Apparently, since it mostly boils down to these brain waves, which are primarily electric waves, the idea is that it’s possible to manipulate these waves in your sleep with electric and magnetic pulses. You can then re-synchronize the brain waves while you’re asleep. Doing this can improve quality of sleep and memory retention without any drugs and tackles the exact area that needs to be addressed. 

The hope for these sets of experiments and ideas is that we can eventually learn how to fix memory loss in aging adults by altering the most significant fault in their memory. This could prove to help those who are dealing with Alzheimer’s, or even just those who are slowly losing their memory. Wouldn’t it be great to reach 100 years of age and still have the same quality of memory you did when you were 20? Soon enough, this may be possible.

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America’s Heroes: Those who maintain parks

In terms of parks, I love them, and not just because Parks and Recreation is one of the best comedies ever, not just of our time.  There are countless parks of varying sizes and population of wild creatures all over these United States.  Thanks to President Theodore Roosevelt, the National Parks Service maintains all of America’s parks, both big and small.  However, when it comes to the smaller parks, it is mainly up to us, the people, to take care of them.  

This does not just include picking up litter and other forms of trash that the slobs of American leave seemingly everywhere.  And, don’t even get me started on people who throw stuff that can be recycled into the trash can when the recycle bin is literally just right there.  I mean, come on, it’s 2017 for the love of Pete.  

Groundskeepers maintain the parks, in terms of mowing the lawns and trimming the shrubs.  For big city parks, law enforcement officers may often be seen patrolling the parks’ grounds. In the case of private parks, owners may hire independent landscapers like those at Ware Landscaping

But, it’s not just employees of Uncle Sam that are allowed to help the parks continue to prosper and grow.  With the permission of the local government, people are allowed to plant plants, surely, in the park.  At the very least, people are allowed to enjoys the parks by playing competitive youth sports, like Saturday early morning soccer and baseball.  Little children play on the swing sets and the playscapes.  Young couples have romantic picnics in the parks.  

A lot of work goes into maintaining these parks, from private contractors to government employees.  Because we are encouraged to think of our parks, because they are our parks after all because we pay for them, as an extension of us, we should take care of them like we take care of ourselves.  

Parks are magical places where you can spend countless hours that seem to fly by in no time doing memorable activities like playing catch with your family, running around aimlessly and letting yourself flow around without a care in the world.  In fact, you can even venture so deep into a park that you would swear that you’re peacefully lost in the woods, not safe inside a wondrous park.  

Today, as more and more open space land becomes increasingly commercialized and bought by private developers who built condos and strip malls everywhere, it is important not just to show the Man that we, as human beings, not just Americans, still care about our parks, but that our planet requires at least some of its land not to be developed.  We must make that promise, both to ourselves and to Mother Earth, that we will take care of it in all the ways that we can and know how to do so.  

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