Sexual Battery in Florida

Patting a person’s buttocks, forcing a kiss on the mouth, forcing another to touch an intimate part of your body, touching another person’s victim’s genital area and/or grabbing or fondling a woman’s breast are considered sexual battery, a type of sex crime that is less serious because it does not involve penetration.

Sexual battery refers to any form of non-consensual or unwanted sexual contact or touching, without involving sexual intercourse or penetration. But while some states only refer to this crime as criminal sexual contact, rather than criminal sexual penetration, other states use sexual battery interchangeably with rape. Some states also use the term interchangeably with sexual assault, child molestation or indecency with a child, if the sexual contact is done to a minor.

Perpetrators of the crime of sexual battery are usually known to victims; they can be a victim’s relative, dating partner, classmate, neighbor, acquaintance, co-worker, friend, or even a spouse. As explained by the University of Florida Police Department, however, this criminal act is not motivated by sexual desire. It is, rather, an aggressive attack and a violent crime with the aim of humiliating, hurting and controlling a victim through sex. In Florida too, if sexual battery is committed by someone (over 17 years old) on a victim below 12, with the victim eventually sustaining injuries to the sexual organ as a result of the assault, then the crime is punished as capital felony, wherein the sentence can be life imprisonment or death.

According to a Destin sex crime defense attorney, “It is hard to think of a crime with more of a negative social stigma than a sexually related offense. When it comes to sex crimes, most people tend to think you are guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around. Just being accused of such a terrible crime is enough to ruin your reputation, your career, and your family. And that is only the beginning. If you are convicted of a sex crime in Destin or anywhere in Florida, you will likely go to prison for a very long time and be forced to register as a sexual offender for the rest of your life.

When faced with such a terrifying ordeal, it would be easy to decide that there is no hope. That there is no way to get around the fact that your life is over and you are going to prison. Do NOT make this mistake. Just because you have been accused does not mean it is a sure thing that you will get convicted. What it does mean, however, is that you must make a decision right now, before it is too late, that you are going to fight back and do everything with the help from a skilled and experienced sex crimes lawyer.”

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Austin Police Crack Down on Drunk Driving

driver is drunk, needs helpAustin police officers were met with great success last weekend, tallying 99 alcohol-related arrests in an attempt to cut down on drunk driving over the holiday weekend. July 4 through July 7 marked a “no-refusal” period, in which police officers took blood samples from drivers who refused a breath test.

The no-refusal weekend, which targeted motorists and boaters, nabbed 13 people Wednesday night, 33 people on Thursday night, 32 on Friday night, and 21 on Saturday night. Austin police said more than 60 percent of the arrests needed a blood sample.

No-refusal crackdowns have been successful in the past; in May, 94 people were arrested over Memorial Day weekend, and 50 people received DWI charges during June’s Republic of Texas Biker Rally. The initiative requires judges on standby that work with the police department to obtain search warrants that require arrested drivers to give a blood test.

The July 4 holiday is typically the most dangerous period on the road for drivers across the United States–on average, more than 130 people have died on Independence Day over the past six years. Most of those accidents are alcohol-related, or the result of distracted driving. Last year in Austin, police recorded almost 200 accidents and 110 DWI arrests. Senior Police Officer Veneza Bremner said APD’s goal is to have “no crashes, no injuries, no deaths related to persons driving while intoxicated.” There were no DWI deaths during this year’s celebrations.

According to the website of Ian Inglis Attorney at Law, drivers arrested for DWI face a long and difficult process that includes driver’s license suspension and community service. Being charged with a DWI is serious. If you have been charged with a DUI or DWI, make sure to get an experienced attorney to guide you through your case.

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Domestic Violence and its Effects to Both Victims and Abusers

Domestic violence is recognized as a significant social problem by both governmental and non-governmental groups in the US, which greatly affects women and children. In fact, more than four million women, aged between 15 and 44, are said to suffer from this painful experience every year.

The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control reports that the ones most prone to these non-fatal physical abuses are young and low-income women, usually with ages between 20 and 25. In the hope to stop this useless violence, the Violence Against Women Act was passed into law through the combined efforts of the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund (or Legal Momentum), the Feminist Majority, the National Organization for Women and other anti-domestic abuse organizations.

Domestic abusers resort to physical, emotional, verbal, sexual and even economic abuse to achieve their purpose, which is to have control over their chosen victims. They also employ tactics that will either easily or eventually weaken their victims, like continuous humiliation, threats or intimidation.

Despite the enactment of various laws on violence against women, the number of battered women only seems to increase and become more violent, as many are still abused by their lovers, husbands or ex-husbands. With their intimate partner being reported as the aggressor, authorities sometimes take longer time to respond as compared to strangers being reported as assailants.

The website of family violence lawyer Ian Inglis mentions how a domestic abuse charge can affect and ruin one’s life and future, as domestic violence is considered a serious crime in the US. And though oftentimes hard to prove, if found guilty of domestic abuse, then the perpetrator can suffer stiff penalties besides getting his or her professional and personal reputation damaged.

Domestic violence affects not only the physical, but also emotional and psychological well-being. It is unacceptable act of violence despite any situation. If you are a victim of domestic violence, make sure that you get help immediately.

Criminal defense lawyers understand the consequences of a criminal charge. More than this, though, lawyers know how painful it is to suffer domestic abuse, which affects not only the physical but the over-all well-being of the affected victim. With the help of a highly-determined lawyer, you can stop domestic abuse and get the help you need to overcome the trauma caused by your suffering. The help you need may actually be just a phone call away.

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