Charge Your Electronic Device as far as 30 Feet Away with a Wireless Power Charger

Physicist Hatem Zeine’s new technology-mature company Ossia is proud to introduce its flagship product Cota, a wireless power charger that can charge power-drained electronic device, such as a cell phone, from 30 feet away.

Cota’s capability to acquire signals, even through or around walls, eliminates the need to establish a line-of-sight. Zeine demonstrated Cot’a’s capability on September 9, 2013, in San Francisco during the Techcrunch Disrupt convention; this he did by charging an iPhone 5 remotely and successfully.

According to Zeine, commercialized editions of the wireless power charger would be out in the market very soon. Besides the fact that his product would be the ideal and safest device in facilities, such as gas and oil refineries, where sparks caused by wired power connections are obviously dangerous, Zeine also believes that with Cota, devices will never have to be plugged in again as these will be rendered “charged” all the time.

The price of Cota is set at $100 each when it becomes available in the market. Though initially close to a large tower PC in size, it will eventually be made smaller once Zeine starts using custom parts.

LG’s Nexus 4 is another example of a wireless power charger, however, it requires a base where the device to be charged has to be placed on top of. What makes Cota totally different from it is the product’s capability to transmit power through the air; it makes use of the same frequencies as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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