Top Family Attractions in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is a city with breathtaking sites and a diverse community. The way it straddles between being a big city and a quaint rural town makes it one of the best destinations for families looking to enjoy a vacation together. Wisconsin’s capitol city is filled with engaging attractions and activities regardless of age group.

Wisconsin State Capitol

Allow your children to experience the rich history of Wisconsin by visiting the Capitol building in the heart of downtown Madison. The building is a majestic structure with architecture and interiors that detail important details of Wisconsin’s roots and heritage. You and your family can also climb up to the Capitol’s Lantern Balcony to take in the entire Madison isthmus view.

Madison Children’s Museum

Madison Children’s Museum is an important stop for children around 2 to 12 years of age. The museum holds dozens of interactive exhibits. The Art Studio is perfect for kids who like to explore their creativity through visual arts and crafts. Meanwhile, the Funkyard is an outdoor exhibit where they can take part in several physical activities and obstacle courses. The museum also has a number of events throughout the year that can be just as exciting for adults as they are for kids.

University of Wisconsin Geology Museum

University of Wisconsin’s Geology Museum proves that learning does not have to be boring. Your children can enjoy discovering insights about the world around them through guided tours. These tours are fielded with age-appropriate content, adjusted to ensure that young audiences can easily grasp the new information being introduced to them.

Madison Parks and Beaches

After a long day visiting museums and monuments, your family can unwind in any of the 13 beaches and 260 parks in Madison. Ten of Madison’s beaches provide lifeguard services during peak seasons. These areas can help parents relax on the beach without having to worry too much about the safety of their kids. Some of these parks can also be enjoyed by dogs that have come with the family for their trip.

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