The Benefits of a Being a Western Trial Lawyers Association Member

Continuous legal education and discussions on how to deal most effectively with any case’s most puzzling problems, first, by the best courtroom lawyers in the United States and, second, in venues that ensure pure relaxation and rejuvenation that will make you face awaiting challenges with renewed vigor and enthusiasm – these are just some of the great things you will be treated with as member of the Western Trial Lawyers Association or WTLA.

Since 1966, the WTLA has tirelessly provided its members, neophyte litigators and some of the finest trial lawyers in the US, occasions that promote learning excellence and the free exchange of ideas. The association holds two sponsored seminars each year where seasoned attorneys impart their knowledge of the law and courtroom experiences; the talks are followed by small group analyses of new and significant courtroom tactics and techniques which help make all members, especially the neophytes, much better prepared in serving and representing their clients. These small group discussions also pave the way for an in-depth sharing of the collective experiences of trial lawyers from different age groups, allowing for a much broader understanding of the complexities of a courtroom scenario.

Originally composed of some of the best trial lawyers from the western part of the US, outstanding litigators from the rest of the country have joined the association after hearing of it and its reputation. The association’s pursuit of excellence in the legal field through means free from stress or peer pressure is what makes the members of WTLA more inspired and passionate in their profession.

Membership in the WTLA is not without its rewards, of course. Besides learning from some of the nation’s best litigators, themselves, members also get to enjoy the following benefits: discounted WTLA seminars; WTLA newsletter; western region expert witness bank; and, attorney referral service.

If you’re interested in joining the Western Trial Lawyers Association or attending its 2013 and / or future seminars, it can be an experience you will never forget. Whether a neophyte or a veteran trial lawyer from the US’ western regions or any part of the nation, all you need to do is contact any of its current officers and directors or fill out its seminar registry form and accomplish whatever instructions you will be given.