The Dangers of Farming

You likely consider farming to be a pretty safe occupation. It’s a fair assumption, as farmers are not typically associated with other dangerous jobs like lumberjacking, building construction, or deep-sea fishing. However, Old McDonald may not have had as safe of a job as you might expect.

As Hare Wynn describes on their law firm’s website, there are several key dangers unique (and non-unique) to the farming industry. In this article, I will discuss some of these dangers, their injuries, and ways to reduce the risks of injuries!


Farmers are actually required to engage in physically-risky activities often, such as climbing into silos and large storage units. Some of these silos or structures are dangerous in that getting trapped into them is surprisingly easy. Farmers have found themselves standing in pounds upon pounds of feed storage without a clear way out.

This is risky in an obvious sense of being stuck permanently or at least for far too long. But to the point of suffocation, these storage areas rarely have appropriate ventilation and farmers can be trapped without the ability to breathe clean air for hours upon hours. Injuries stemming from situations like these include trauma to the brain and the lungs due to sustained poor breathing.

One solution to this problem is accountability measures in which someone on your farm or property accompanies you to these storage units (or, really, anywhere that poses a risk to you being trapped!) and either stay outside the area to assist if you become trapped or will be able to seek assistance from professionals who can get you out of being trapped.

Machine injuries

Modern-day farming is far different than the picture evoked by some, of a person standing in overalls and hand-tilling soil. Instead, most farmers are managing complex machines and complicated routines, in which heavy machinery toils away at the land while the farmer handles the logistics. However, it is not simple or easy work — the farmers still toil away, just with the complications of handling a large enterprise, not at watering a seed.

Many injuries take place every year from the machinery malfunctioning or a farmer making a mistake. Many heavy machines involved in farming have features that involve rotating, screwing, lifting, clamping, and more. Loss of limbs or severe injuries to the extremities are common injuries incurred with heavy machinery accidents.

The best way to prevent the tragedy of losing your arm or injuring yourself with a heavy farming machine is to always follow the safety protocol as described in the owner’s manual or other safety materials accompanying the machine upon purchase or transfer of ownership. As always, remain attentive when operating the tools and do not operate them when under the influence of mind-altering substances.

Other injuries

Injuries that can also occur including being injured from falling objects or structures and issues with animals (if you also maintain livestock). Not every injury is preventable, but operating with care and caution will help prevent many incidents that could threaten you or your workers’ lives.

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