What Makes a Family Law Firm Stand Out

Let’s say you’re preparing for a divorce and you know there are going to be some contentious issues. You and your spouse don’t see eye-to-eye on anything. You don’t know who’s getting the house, who’s getting all the other assets, or who’s getting custody of the kids. You’re worried that you might have to settle for a crummy apartment, a big child support bill, and occasional visitations with your children. You know you need a great family lawyer more than anything. How do you find them?

This is a question thousands of individuals go through every year, and that’s why I’ve decided to share my own system for choosing a lawyer. I call this the 10 Score because it adds up all the most important aspects of a lawyer you can know beforehand and gives you a handy score out of 10 so you know just how they rate before you choose them.

So, without any more delay, this is the 10 Score system:

  • Experience and Success (out of 3)
  • Attention to clients (out of 3)
  • Prestige (out of 2)
  • Location and localness (out of 2)

How do we apply this? To show you, let’s take an example of a perfect 10 law firm in my area, Adams Law Firm. Here’s how I’d score them:

  • Experience and Success: 35 years in family law and personal injury law. That’s a lot. 3/3
  • Attention to clients: The firm guarantees a personal, one-on-one relationship with clients. 3/3
  • Prestige: The law firm has an AV Preeminent rating and numerous awards. 2/2
  • Location and localness: The firm was founded by two brothers from the area who raise their families in the area. If you’re near them, you’re their neighbor. 2/2
  • Score: 10/10

As you can see, just by five minutes on the Adams Law Firm site, you’d have your score and you’d know you’re getting the right kind of lawyer for your divorce. Obviously, not every lawyer or law firm will hit these high numbers. That’s the point. You can score a law firm very quickly and move on when the scores don’t hit the high marks you are looking for.

Now, a word about why I grade in this way. To begin with, experience is perhaps the most important quality your lawyer can bring to your case. If they have had a long career with a lot of success, they’ll know the best way to approach your divorce. That is, unless they don’t make you a priority. That’s why attention to the client is equally as important in my system. If your lawyer has so many cases they barely have time to look at your divorce, you’re not benefiting from their experience, no matter how much they have. Prestige is another way of gauging the quality of the experience of your lawyer. If they have been working hard in all those years, they should have some awards to show for it. Finally, you want a lawyer from your area and you want them to feel connected to you and your divorce, so localness is a good indication of that.

I hope this helps all of you out there who are looking for a quality lawyer before a divorce. And good luck!

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